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New 20% Project: Audrey's Concert to Support the Library

For her 20% Project, Audrey is planning a concert with a few of her friends to support a local library in need of books. The concert will be on Sunday, April 21, and admission is one new or lightly used book donation. This project is the result of innovative and creative thinking and a desire to serve a real audience. Great job, Audrey.


  1. thoughtful. I wish I lived a bit closer. I'd bring 20 books!
    Excellent idea!
    Joy (from IL)

  2. Way to go, Audrey! Thanks for sharing. I'm putting this on my Facebook page because I have relatives in northern California. Maybe you'll see them there! Like Joy, I would bring a stack of books to listen to you. Beautiful!

    Denise (from Iowa)

  3. Thanks Joy and Denise. I love it when a community organizes to support a student who organizes to support a community!

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