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TEDx Monterey Talk on The 20% Project: "Don't Call it a Classroom"

Thanks to all of my friends and colleagues who helped me put this together. You can read about the process of writing and delivering this talk here .

20% Project Presentations, May 20 and 21

My students speak for themselves.

Be a Modern Email User: Link, Don't Attach [updated]

Carl Hooker is right. Email should die . He’s also correct in his assessment that it’s not going anywhere any time soon. I celebrated the future demise of email the moment Google announced Wave. We know which platform triumphed there. So, as long as our hate relationship love/hate relationship with email continues to survive, may I propose one little recommendation? Whenever possible, link, don’t attach. Every time you attach a file to an email and then send it off multiple people, you’re actually making many different copies of that file. For example, when someone sends an image via attachment to our faculty and staff, they’re actually creating over 60 copies of that image and hosting them all on our email servers … not to mention each machine that downloads the image. If that user, instead, were to upload that image to a photo sharing site and then link to that image in the email, hundreds or thousands of megabits would be spared from servers and hard drives. Images Rather th