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Showing posts from November, 2012

New Writing Felony: Who and Whom

I posted another Writing Felony over at . This one deals with the notorious who / whom problem.

GRMR.ME: A New Resource for Writing Instructors

Over the weekend I launched the new and improved , a site that allows English teachers to flip their grammar instruction. Rather than marking papers with common writing errors, teachers can now give them a link to a page that has a video that teaches students to identify and resolve the error. Students may also take a short quiz on the topic to earn a badge. The site will continue to grow throughout the year.

Flipped Instruction: Dramatic Irony in Macbeth

Irony is one of the more difficult concepts to teach when discussing literature. For years I've been using Macbeth  to teach dramatic irony. This year I decided to flip this instruction by creating a video. I present Dramatic Irony in Macbeth. I send my students to this link , which has an interactive quiz.

Incognito Windows Protect Your Account

If your students use a shared computer, encourage them to use Incognito Mode in Chrome, especially when signing in to Google Apps. In an Incognito Window, users simply need to close the window to sign out of the account. A side benefit--cool secret agent in the top right corner. [File > New Incognito Window]