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Beyond Choose Your Own Adventure: Branching Logic for Deep Understanding and Empathy

Many in the EdTech community have been exposed to various ways students and teachers can use Google Forms, Sites, Dos, Slides, and other platforms to create interactive branching logic “choose your own adventure” style activities. I’d like to take the conversation deeper to explore how this kind of technology can do more than create interactive narratives and how it can teach challenging science topics, how it can simplify complex math concepts, and how it can build empathy to broaden our students’ understanding of world cultures. What is Branching Logic? To get a sense of how branching logic works, play this simple Oregon Trail ripoff game designed using Google Slides. Notice how you start with a choice to make, and the outcome changes based on what "branch" you choose? Anyone can easily build these kinds of web experiences as long as you know that you can link any object (including a text box) to another slide in the deck. Select the object and then insert > link