Back the book: The 20 Time Project

Later this month I plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a book I will finish this summer. The working title is The 20 Time Project: How educators and parents can follow Google's formula for supercharged innovation.
Before I actually launch the campaign, I'm looking for pre-backers so when I do go live, the Kickstarter page isn't sad and lonely. For a $15 pledge, you will get a copy of the book (signed or unsigned depending on whether you want my ink on it). For more, you will get more.

Here are my commitments:
  • May 1 launch Kickstarter Campaign
  • June 1 close Kickstarter Campaign with at least $3,000 raised
  • July 1 draft finished
  • September 1 send book to publisher (I plan to distribute the book on my own, through the Kindle store, and through Amazon)
  • October 1 ship books and rewards to backers 
Some of you can expect to hear from me directly, so beware. If you're willing to be a pre-backer, please let me know in the comments, through email (, or any other way you want. Or, you can simply fill out this quick form.



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