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Beyond Flipping: Interactive Flipped Instruction with YouTube Annotations

brookhouser . me/video group notes Flipping the classroom is great. Flipping with interactive videos is even better. Here's a video. Written instructions below.  You will need your favorite screencasting software. If you're using a Mac, Quicktime works. Both Macs and PCs can use TechSmith's software , Snagit. There is a 30-day free trial.  An iPad is NOT going to cut it for this session. You CAN use a Chromebook if you're willing to use Hangouts On Air to record your screen. Instructions for creating an interactive YouTube video for more engaging flipped instructional videos.   Decide what you want to teach. Make some slides to create the visuals of the video. Make sure the slides feature at least one multiple choice question to test audience retention. The following slide should show the answer. Record your screen with your voice narrating. After introducing the questions, give at least three seconds pause before moving on to the next

Create a Student News Broadcast using Google+ Hangouts On Air

brookhouser . me/news Shownotes ! As I mentioned earlier , each week some friends and I get together to produce a YouTube show using Google+ Hangouts On Air called The Google Educast . Here's an example of the final product. Now with a Google+ and YouTube account, students can create a news broadcast show for the world to watch. Here are some instructions on how to pull it off on your own. The instructions in this post may become outdated as the technology changes. I'll try to keep them current with crowdsourced help here. Please comment in the doc. With Google Docs and Hangouts On Air, students can prepare, produce, and broadcast a news show quickly with little to no cost. Here are the steps. Planning Develop segments for the broadcast. Sample segments include … Latest news Sports reports Upcoming events Study tips Teacher feature Student on the street Service spotlight Create a shared document and develop the segments assigning re

20% Time in the Classroom: Resources for the Google Apps for Education Summit, Fairfax, VA

Here are some of the topics I reference in this session on #20time at the Fairfax GAFE Summit . Other resources: Letter to my students and parents about #20time Limbo Dan Pink's Drive The Candle Problem The Bad Idea Factory My TEDx Talk on #20time Template for the Formal Project Proposal More to come ...