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Writing Felonies: Comma Splices

I am beginning a series of videos about writing called Writing Felonies . In these videos, I will cover some of the most egregious writing crimes and show how to avoid them or fix them. My first one is about comma splices.

Call for help: YouTube Next EDU Guru Program

I'm looking for feedback. I'm applying for the Next Edu Guru on Youtube . Take a look some of my videos here . If you like what you see click the like button. If you don't like it click the dislike button. If you want to see more click the subscribe button.

Sync your Google Calendars with your iPhone, iPad Calendar

If you use Google Calendars and use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you may want to access these calendars in your device's Calendar app. Here are Google's instructions , but if you want to see the process yourself, you can watch this video.

Facebook is tracking you. Here are two simple ways to stop them.

A recent article in Business Insider has many people on the internet justifiably concerned. In essence, if you're logged into Facebook, Facebook is collecting your browsing data. To be fair, many web services do this as well, but among all of the corporations who do, Facebook is the one I trust the least. If you don't want Facebook collecting your data, there are two very simple solutions.  This guy is in charge of the company that is watching you. Photo by Elaine Chan and Pricilla Chan released with a Creative Commons License Don't use Facebook. According to The Onion, only four people in the world actually enjoy using Facebook . If you're like me and you're not yet ready to quit Facebook, then here's a very simple way to prevent Facebook from collecting your browsing data.  Download Chrome . With Chrome open, click "File" > "New Incognito Window." Log in to Facebook.  Keeping Facebook in a separate incognito window

20% Project: "What if I'm deaf for a week?"

I want to be able to see what it’s like not to hear or say anything and still be able to communicate with everyone. I would also like to share what that’s like with my friends and classmates. I want to know what the challenges are and how people who are deaf take on those challenges on a daily basis. Thus begins Reinel's 20% project proposal. Her plan is to spend a week wearing a headset that emits white noise so that she will be effectively deaf. She plans to create a short film that will document the experience and help spread awareness of the hearing impaired community. You can follow her progress at her 20% Project Blog at . Please leave an encouraging comment! What is makinigatmaintindihan you ask? So did I. Then she showed this supposed Google Certified Teacher the Google Translate page. Here's a taste of how her week will look ... and sound. 

iPhone, iPad, and Android random student name generator

In my last post , I explained how I use to generate flashcards that randomly choose student names. In this video I explain how to use the Quizlet app on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to display those cards. I also demonstrate the Android app, Flashcards+ that can download your sets from the quizlet site. Yes, I know I have too many mobile devices.