Teacher, Trainer, Technologyer

Kevin is a Google Apps Certified Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher based in Monterey, California. He has trained a wide variety of groups and individuals to use Google and other tools to save time, increase collaboration, and enjoy technology. Seriously. 

He is also a high school teacher at York School, and helps teachers there use technology as the Director of Technology. Fancy title for a fancy man. Kevin also serves on the board of trustees for the International School of Monterey.

Kevin regularly gives lectures, talks, keynotes (whatever you want to call them) to schools, businesses, organizations about how we can put computers to work for us. They're so easily tricked into doing our most annoying work, and they can also empower us to delight ourselves with creative work. 

Kevin has experience working with students, teachers, professors, administrators, realtors, nuns, priests, accountants, lawyers, and animal welfare specialists, and if you're not one of these people, he can probably work with you just fine anyway.