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Anyone can make an Android App

Android App Inventor
1. Go to and bookmark 2. Start a new project     "grumpyapp" (no spaces or symbols) 3. Drag a button into your screen 4. Make the button this image.
5. Download these MP3 files.  meow and hiss. upload it as a new sound in App Inventor. 6. If you have an Android device, get the A12 Companion App for Android and c
onnect your Android to the computer. 7. If you don't have an Android device, get this chrome app and install this apk.  8. Go to "Blocks" and create this.
MITs Android App Inventor Get the App! Connect Android Device to Computer over WIFI Get the Moto E Animal Dashboard Video You need this cat. Right click [save image as]. And you need the meow at the bottom of this page. Hello Purr Instructions Magic 8 Ball Instructions The App Inventor YouTube Channel Publish your APK file to the Play Store!

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