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20% Time: A Small Audience is the New Big Audience

Inevitably, I have students who show up to my class on the first day of school telling me what they want to do for The Twenty Percent Project. “I want to write a novel. I’ve always wanted to write a novel. I’ve tried several times to write a novel, but now I have the chance to do it for a class and I think I can do it. Can I write a novel?” “Yes, a novel is a great Twenty Percent Project. Start thinking about who your audience is, so you can interview them before you begin writing.” “I always wanted to build a website.” “Good. What kind of website.” “A website for teenagers.” “Better. You know that audience better than I do, so you would be well suited for that. Is this a website for all teenagers?” “A website for teenagers who want to raise chickens.” “Yes. Run with it.”  What’s so great about a website for teenagers who want to raise chickens is that it has a niche audience. Before the internet, media producers had to reach the broadest audience possible in orde

Drive thorough the Writing Process Faster with Drive

Here are some of the resources I'm providing for the Google Apps for Education Summit, at Sequoia High School and Fairfax, VA. Slides: Doctopus Video: Goobric Video: