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Let's Go Adruino! How to get started. If you're interested in bringing coding or making or both into your classroom, you should definitely get started with Arduino. With a very small investment, you can get started. Here's an Amazon shopping list with the components I've used to build my Arduino on the Road kit. With just a little bit of training, my students have used Arduino to make art projects, museum exhibits, and robots coding in C++.  Materials Arduino Uno board (or fake Arduino Uno board ) Breadboard Jumper wires LEDs 220 Ohm resistors Computer (Mac, Windows, Linux preferred). If you have a chromebook, we can still get you started.  Get your computer ready MacOS, Windows, Linux Download the IDE Chromebooks Get the Chromebook App (paid) Design your board without a board Use tinercad Set up the board Set up your board following the drawing below. To protect your hardware, please observe the following tips. Only wire th