Facebook is tracking you. Here are two simple ways to stop them.

A recent article in Business Insider has many people on the internet justifiably concerned. In essence, if you're logged into Facebook, Facebook is collecting your browsing data. To be fair, many web services do this as well, but among all of the corporations who do, Facebook is the one I trust the least. If you don't want Facebook collecting your data, there are two very simple solutions. 
This guy is in charge of the company that is watching you. Photo by Elaine Chan and Pricilla Chan released with a Creative Commons License

Don't use Facebook. According to The Onion, only four people in the world actually enjoy using Facebook.

If you're like me and you're not yet ready to quit Facebook, then here's a very simple way to prevent Facebook from collecting your browsing data. 
  1. Download Chrome.
  2. With Chrome open, click "File" > "New Incognito Window."
  3. Log in to Facebook. 
Keeping Facebook in a separate incognito window isolates it and prevents Facebook apps, cookies, and other tracking tools from seeing your other browsing data. Save time by learning the keyboard shortcut to opening a new incognito window.

Mac: cmd + shift + n 
PC: ctrl + shift + n

Here's a quick video that shows how it works.


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