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20% Project: Teaching a Generation to Use Facebook

For their 20% project, Jackie, Jessica, Julie, and Tori decided to work together to produce a curriculum to teach best Facebook practices to seniors at The Carmel Foundation.

"Having a super fun [time] teaching people to use Facebook at The Carmel Foundation --- at The Carmel Foundation"
After weeks of developing slides, resource materials, and an outline, the day came to take over the computer lab at TFC. Over a dozen eager participants showed up. The group covered topics such as creating a secure password, making sure private posts stay private, and maintaining general Facebook etiquette. They even taught me (a long-time Facebook trainer) about the "Only Me" feature in the status window. I'd never noticed it, but users can treat the Facebook timeline as a personal journal, but, as the students urge, "You can't forget to select 'Only Me' or your personal journal will go out to all your friends!"

The staff pleaded the girls to come back to give another session soon. Here's another example of students doing purposeful work for a real audience.


  1. We need to do more projects such as this one. The 20% concept should be spreading in education instead of the emphasis on standardized tests.


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