Use your projector as a teleprompter

Now that we got through a great first week of school, I'm ready for summer.

I really do love this time of year. My students have so much energy, optimism, and new goals.

Each year I begin my class with an assignment where students write a two minute introduction in Google Docs and read it in front of the class. This year I had my students present from what is often considered the back of the classroom.

My classroom is configured in five pods, each made of two trapezoid tables with virco swivel chairs. Moving attention from one wall to the other is simple. If you have more traditional school desks, you could just have your students rotate their desks 180 degrees.
This is usually the "front" of the classroom. During some presentations, it's the back.

I project the introduction on the screen so the presenter can read it like a teleprompter, maintaining eye contact with the audience without burying her head in a piece of paper. Some of my students quickly mastered the process, and it looked like they were giving an impromptu speech rather than reading off the projector. This gives new meaning to flipping the classroom.


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