Flipped Instruction: Tone vs. Mood

Two of the most frequently confused words in the academic English classroom are tone and mood. For fifteen years, I have been been explaining this difference to my students. Now with the flipped instruction model, I can refer them to this video for homework, and in class we can work on identifying the difference in various passages.


  1. Yeah! I plan to use this with my students. I'm actually going through this year and trying to create initial passes at screencasts for ideas I want to capture on video and this one came up. I tried to put something together. Yours will work much better!

    There's a tone vs. mood paragraph on the first page of The Great Gatsby that I always discuss and I think this would put the students in a position to command that conversation instead of me.

    Thanks for posting this. I'll let you know how my students take to it.

  2. Awesome. I love how you have your conversation more student focused. I wish I got to teach Gatsby. That's for my students next year. At least I get Macbeth and Candide!


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