Hate grading essays a little less with Google Forms

Watch this screencast that shows you how to create forms that will help you grade essays faster while removing some of the mystery students feel about subjective assessments. Also see how I use the iPad while I grade.

Here is a link to the Google Docs Template. You must be signed in with your Google account to view this.  


  1. Thanks, great video! I actually use a script (not my own) that allows me to send an email directly from the spreadsheet, press one button and the students get all their grades at the same time. I'm having trouble sharing the link to the script, but you might try doing a search for "formemailer abreu."

  2. I took your idea, and used the AutoCrat script in the script gallery. It can take the form data, merge it into a Google Doc, and then email a PDF to the student and save a copy in your Google Drive.

    I replaced the Last Name field with username, and the AutoCrat script appends our domain to it.


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