Call for Great Digital Storytelling Assignments and Assessments

On Sunday I head up to Burlingame (or if you're gullible and from out of town, "San Francisco") to work with a team of educators to develop a new curriculum at the University of California Curriculum Integration Institute.
The UCCI Institutes bring together educators from around the state to collaborate on the creation of model high school courses that anchor traditional academic learning in real-world experience, by integrating career technical education (CTE) with “a-g” subjects. UCCI Insitute courses are designed to be rigorous and relevant, to keep students engaged in learning and to prepare them for college and career success.

I will serve on a team creating an advanced digital storytelling course. This looks like a great opportunity to expand the scope of traditional English classes beyond just literary analysis and creative writing through a UC approved venue. I am impressed by the integrated courses developed by previous UCCI teams.

What great digital storytelling assignments and assessments do you have to share?


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