Crowdsource vocabulary word curation to your students

We're currently reading Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God in my 10th grade English class. Whenever we read complex novels, I like to collect a list of vocabulary words from the novel to study. I used to collect those words myself. Now I have my students create the collection. First I create a Google Form. If you're not using Forms, you should.
You can embed this form in your class site. I use Google Sites, but Moodle or other CMS will work. I always have my students submit their section number and last name in all the forms I use. It's much easier to track who has submitted the forms when I do. Then I have them submit a word they discovered while reading the book. They also include the definition of the word. Below the form I embed the spreadsheet associated with the form. Remember to make that spreadsheet viewable by anyone with the link or your students will just see a blank screen.
I called this crowd-sourcing in the title. Maybe we should call it class-sourcing.


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